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Monarch Migration

Each year North American monarchs make an astonish migration. Fall migrating monarchs east of the rocky mountains travel from their summer breeding grounds in the northern United States and southern portions of Canada to overwintering locations 3,000 miles away in central Mexico.

Report your sightings of all stages of the monarch life cycle with the Arkansas Monarch Mapping Project on iNaturalist!

The Arkansas Monarch Conservation Partnership is seeking YOUR HELP! The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission launched the Arkansas Monarch Mapping Project on iNaturalist in late 2017 to help answer the question, “Where and when do people see monarch butterflies in Arkansas?”

The data collected through this citizen-science effort will allow biologists to tailor conservation and management strategies for this species, which has seen significant population declines in the past several years.

Contributing to this project is easy!

  1. Simply create a free account on iNaturalist and search for the Arkansas Monarch Mapping Project.
  2. Click on the red “Add Observations” banner to begin contributing data!

You can also download this flyer and share it with your friends!

  Arkansas Monarch Mapping Project