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photo credit: Gail Miller

Arkansas Monarch Conservation Partnership

A group of citizens, conservation and agricultural organizations, government agencies, utilities and agribusinesses committed to the creation, enhancement, and conservation of monarch and pollinator habitat in Arkansas

Mission:  Working together to create, enhance, and conserve monarch and pollinator habitat in The Natural State.

Current Goal:  Develop a statewide monarch and pollinator conservation plan.

This partnership involves agency and individual collaborators who can help to educate, procure funding, and provide scientific research that will support monarch butterfly and pollinator conservation in Arkansas and throughout North America.

We encourage individuals and parties from private and public sector to join in this initiative!

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Did you see a Monarch?

Participate in citizen-science efforts and help us learn more about the Monarch Butterfly!

Monarch Migration

Each year North American monarchs make an astonish migration. Fall migrating monarchs east of the rocky mountains travel from their summer breeding grounds in the northern United States and southern portions of Canada to overwintering locations 3,000 miles away in central Mexico.

Report your sightings of all stages of the monarch life cycle with the Arkansas Monarch Mapping Project!

Monarch Butterfly Migration Map

Monarch Butterfly Migration – Spring 2017 map by JourneyNorth.org.

On October 12, 2017 the Arkansas Monarch Conservation Partnership will present the draft version of the Arkansas Monarch and Pollinator Conservation Plan for public comment and review. More details to come!
The draft plan will also be made available online for those who cannot attend in person.
The Arkansas Monarch and Pollinator Summit 2017 follows the Arkansas Monarch Summit held in November 2015.
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photo credit: Steve Duzan

Partnership Members

Members from the following agencies, organizations, and businesses are currently involved in the development of the Arkansas Monarch and Pollinator Conservation Plan.

Arkansas Agriculture Department

Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts

Arkansas Department of Transportation

Arkansas Forestry Commission

Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission

Arkansas Wildlife Federation

The Department of Arkansas Heritage

The Nature Conservancy

U of A Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies

U of A Division of Agriculture Research & Extension

U.S. FWS Partners for Fish and Wildlife

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service